How often should you inspect the weather stripping around your house?

January 11 2017
Weather stripping is the strip of material, typically made of foam or vinyl, which rests on your windowsill or door frame and is meant to keep these openings sealed. Weather stripping keeps out moisture, unwanted drafts, insects, and weather.

How often do I need to do inspections?

You may be wondering how often you need to inspect these strips. The answer is, at least twice a year. It’s important to inspect the weather stripping around your house for tears, debris, leaks, or loose pieces. If your house has been built recently, you may not need weather stripping installed due to the way your windows and doors were built, but it’s still important to check these areas regularly.

Why do I need to inspect it?

Inspecting your weather stripping helps to prevent problems from occurring in the future, and allows you to identify areas that need replacing. Weather stripping helps to keep your electricity bills down and keep your home safe from the outdoors.