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Should you inspect your attic for signs of birds or other rodents?

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    Should you inspect your attic for signs of birds or other rodents?

    October 23 2015Many people use their attic as a place for storage, leaving infrequently used items in boxes and often forgetting about them. People may not venture up to their attics for months, or even years. Unfortunately, this can make it quite simple for rodents or birds to make a comfortable home out of your attic.

    What to listen for

    While you are lying in bed, reading a book after a long day, you suddenly hear scratching, scurrying and scraping noises coming from the ceiling. These suspicious sounds could be signs of rodents living in your attic. Possible rodents could include squirrels, possums, mice, rats or more. These pesky rodents can get in through damaged vents or holes in the wall. Aside from rodents, birds often take up occupancy in attics, coming in through cracks or broken window panes. It’s important to check your attic at the first signs of animal sounds, as they can be harmful to live with.

    Why should I inspect my attic?

    It’s crucial to check your attic if you suspect a creature taking up residency there. Rodents can easily chew through electrical wires, increasing the risk of fire damage. They leave waste that is harmful to breathing. Birds that nest in your attic can spread diseases, fleas and mites. When checking your attic, look for signs of droppings, pieces of insulation in piles, and birds’ nests. It is recommended that you check your attic every 2-3 months to ensure that your attic is rodent and bird free. If you do not find any rodents or animals, be sure to inspect your attic for any holes where an animal can easily crawl through.

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