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Should You Inspect Your Attic for Signs of Birds or Rodents?

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    Should You Inspect Your Attic for Signs of Birds or Rodents?

    March 15 2017
    If you hear scratching and scuffling coming from above, it’s a sign you should inspect your attic for birds or rodents. Birds and rodents often take up residence in attics due to the seclusion and quiet that usually comes with the space. If you think your attic may be inhabited by these creatures, it’s critical you go take a look so that you can take the necessary steps to get them out.

    An attic is inaccessible from predators, and are often clear of other inhabitants. This may lead birds to nest and lay their eggs in your attic as they see it as a safe space. Although you may think they’re harmless, these creatures could be harmful to your health. Feces from birds and rodents are unhealthy for humans to breathe in. Birds often carry lice and mites, which can spread throughout your home.

    Even if you don’t hear any sounds of creatures upstairs, you should still inspect the attic for signs of birds or rodents every so often. Check for holes in the roof, broken windows, cracks in the walls or signs of feces. If you see any damage to the infrastructure, make sure to get it fixed immediately to prevent any creatures from coming into your home. Once these creatures come in, you may not detect them for a while, so it’s best to take pre-cautionary steps to prevent this.

    Attics are often used for storage, so when inspecting for signs of birds or rodents, you should also check if there are any holes in boxes where rodents might have bitten through. This is a tell-tale sign of unwanted creatures. Be on the lookout for signs of nests, outdoor debris or feces. If you do see signs of birds or rodents, give us a call and we’ll come remove them safely and repair any damage to your home.

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