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What is Property Winterization?

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    What is Property Winterization?

    November 10 2016
    Property Winterization is a process where you prepare your home for vacancy or cold temperatures. This process involves preparing your plumbing systems and ensuring leaks don’t occur and pipes don’t burst. If winterized properly, your property should be able to sit safely with utilities turned off.
    How Does It Work?

    Property Winterization involves many factors. You must empty the water heater, drain all piping and purge the system of water entirely. Outdoor and indoor water systems must be checked, toilets and sinks should be filled with anti-freeze and pipes must be insulated. You can seal off drafty windows, clean chimneys of soot and clean out gutters for leaves to prevent water backup.
    How Can Onsite Solutions Help?

    Property Winterization is a service offered by Onsite Solutions. Just give us a call and we can provide you a free quote. By winterizing your home, you’ll be sure to have a safe and cozy home for the winter.

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