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February 5 2014 At OnSite Solutions, we provide winterization and de-winterization as one of our property preservation services to equip homes and offices with strength against the changing weather. We provide customized winterization services to homes, vacant properties, industrial and commercial buildings, and offices at competitive rates. With our advanced technology, qualified staff and latest tools and … Read more

February 7 2014 Quality winterization and de-winterization processes can add to the life of any property by taking the protection against the weather. Winterization is one of the most critical property preservation methods especially if you are living in area with extreme temperatures throughout the year. Living in Detroit, Michigan, residents need to equip their properties with … Read more

February 18 2014 Many people in Livonia, Michigan are often worried about the safety and security of their vacant properties. Yet, they find it a time consuming activity to regularly check on their properties. At Onsite Solutions, we allow our customers an easier solution by providing them with property preservation services. Our services ensure protection, security, and … Read more

February 18 2014 OnSite Solutions works with property owners and vendors throughout Royal Oak, Michigan to provide high quality property preservation services that ensure better protection and longevity of residential or industrial buildings. Our property preservation services follow regulatory guidelines and local, municipal and state codes in Michigan. We offer competitive rates that make property preservation a … Read more

March 18 2014 When you begin winterizing your home, the best place to start is the attic. If your home is heated by a heat pump, your attic should have at least 13 in. of insulation. For homes with furnaces, that depth increases to 16 in. Winterization services will tell you that having the proper insulation level … Read more

March 18 2014 If you live in the North East or Mid-West, or anywhere where winter storms are severe, winterizing your home should be your first priority at the onset of winter. If for some reason you’re too busy and don’t feel like bothering with it, then there are emergency winterization services that will come in and … Read more

April 9 2014 Property maintenance in Troy, Michigan isn’t something that you should ignore. Regardless of whether you think something needs to be done or not, you should go through a checklist to make sure your home is taken care of. Michigan property preservation can make sure your home isn’t going to be the victim of costly … Read more

April 22 2014 As a homeowner, you perform certain repairs and cleanup duties around the home. One of the biggest that many people often overlook is that of gutter cleaning. Some assume it doesn’t need to be done, while others just don’t have the means to get the task done. To help with property preservation, you need … Read more

May 16 2014 As a homeowner, you always think a disaster will never happen to you. When it does, you begin questioning whether you could have done something to prevent the issue from happening. If you are worried about property preservation, you need to check out the top three most preventable insurance claims. Burst Hose on Your … Read more

May 21 2014 Removing a large tree that has fallen on your property can be a difficult and daunting task to say the least, especially if you aren’t too familiar with what you need to do. Often times, a partially fallen tree is worse than one that has fallen all the way down. You have to worry … Read more

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