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July 1 2014 While you are waiting for a licensed roofing contractor to get to your home, there are a couple different remedies you can take to help repair leaks temporarily. The quicker you can get the leak temporarily taken care of, the better your chances are at property preservation in Livonia, Michigan. Before you head out … Read more

July 1 2014 Have you ever walked out of your home and realized that your keys were locked inside? How many times have you come home from vacation and found out that you don’t have the key to your home? Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean you are stuck without an answer. You … Read more

August 1 2014 Renters, homeowners and families continue to be plagued by accidental fires each and every year. With 3,400 people being killed every year in a home fire, it makes it the third most common accidental death inside of the home. When it comes to property preservation in Livonia, Michigan, there are simple steps you can … Read more

August 5 2014 While you might not want to think about a disaster happening in your home, there is no way to guarantee something won’t happen. From a fire breaking out from a bad electrical wire to a power outage that leaves you swimming sewage from a failed sump pump, there is no way to … Read more

August 12 2014 Mother Nature can unleash her fury at any time. Hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and fires are but a few things people around the world have to deal with. If your home or place of business experiences a storm, you need to get help. OnSite Solutions is a property preservation company from Livonia, Michigan looking out … Read more

August 27 2014 Nobody wants to deal with vandalism — the word alone makes many people shake in their shoes. From stolen cars to graffiti, this problem rears its ugly head around the world. Repairing damage can be an expensive undertaking. This is especially the case if the damaged items need special care. Fortunately, residents and business … Read more

September 16 2014 Owning a property carries many responsibilities, especially in Livonia Michigan. It’s not enough to mow the grass or keep the windows clean. Are you away for prolonged periods? It’s important to protect your home or business from potential thieves and general troublemakers. But you don’t have to invest in expensive security options that leave … Read more

September 30 2014 You already know that proper security is paramount to keeping your property safe and in one piece. You’re aware of the fact that property preservation companies are your best bet for quality service. However, did you know that it’s a good idea to add structural support to the equation? Whether you live in Livonia … Read more

October 8 2014 When you own a home, a lot of work goes into keeping it in good condition. Some people spend hours vacuuming, sweeping, and wiping the inside of their home. However, you also have to pay attention to the outside of your home — namely, your gutter system. A gutter isn’t something to think about … Read more

October 15 2014 Your home is important to you. It keeps you safe from the elements and allows you to express your creativity. However, sometimes you have to go away for long periods. You may be on a business trip or in the process of moving. Because you can’t watch your home, you need someone to perform … Read more

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