How Often Should You Inspect the Caulking Around Your House?

When we're sitting in our cozy homes, we often don't think about the trappings in place that keep it warm. Caulking, a water-proof filler that seals two materials together, works hard for years on end to ensure unwanted air and insects stay outside. You can find the sealant around windows, sinks, vents, chimneys, roofs, and siding. It's there to fill gaps so there's no damaging leakage. Using caulk can save you 30% or more on energy bills. That being said, it's important to check around your home once in a while to make sure your caulking is intact.

When should I check the caulking?

  • If you just built a home, settling tends to take place over the first year. Therefore, you should check and replace the caulking after a year.

  • Already living in an established home? Depending on the quality, caulking should be redone every 5 years or so. So just check periodically, every couple of years.

  • If there are drafts or higher energy bills, then it's a good idea to take a look around your home for damaged caulk.

How do I inspect the caulking?

  • Look at caulking around pipes, bathtubs, showers, siding, and other areas for chips, cracks, or stains.

  • See if the sealant is loose.

  • Bring in a professional inspector.

How do I fix caulking?

  • Remove caulking completely with razor blade.

  • Clean area thoroughly.

  • Apply new caulking with caulk gun or squeezable tube.

Checking the caulking inside and outside of your house every couple of years is important because it saves money on bills. It'll also prevent any damages that may happen from water leakage like mildew. Inspecting and fixing helps in the long run, so make sure you keep up with it!

Not sure? Please contact us for more information on caulking.

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