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    Insurance Restoration

    insurance restoration

    When you are struggling with the aftermath of water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, and any other destruction to your home or property, the last thing you should be faced with is dealing with your insurance company. OnSite Solutions does the negotiating for you and gets your restoration job done as quickly as possible so your life can get back to normal.

    We Negotiate with Your Insurance Company

    After water, fire, or natural disaster has wreaked havoc on your property, you may think your first call should be to your insurance company. Contact OnSite Solutions first. We will oversee your insurance claim and complete the restoration and repairs you need in a timely manner.

    We interface with the insurance adjuster – but we work for you.

    insurance restoration
    insurance restoration

    What You Can Expect from OnSite Solutions

    • 24/7 response: We are always on call and offer immediate emergency response.
    • Expertise: We are professional insurance restoration contractors. We are licensed general contractors certified in property damage mitigation and repair protocols.
    • Assessment: We offer detailed free inspections and assess the cause of damage and the magnitude of the property loss suffered because of water, fire, smoke, wind, or other disaster.
    • Mitigation: We start right away to address the issue to prevent the occurrence of additional loss or problems with contaminants setting in, which can include securing and boarding up the damaged area, water extraction and dehumidification, mold remediation, or moving possessions to a secure storage facility.
    • Documentation: Our clean up and repair experts photograph and document losses and develop estimates for your insurance restoration work to be submitted with your remediation claim.
    • Insurance help: We work with your insurance company directly to submit your claim.
    • Restoration: We deliver the necessary insurance restoration services to return your home and property back to a safe, usable structure. 
    • Repairs: We offer a wide variety of repairs to restore your space physically and cosmetically.

    Restoration for All Types of Damage

    When a tree falls through your house, a car crashes into your living room, your basement floods, your kitchen catches fire, call OnSite Solutions to fix the problem – from start to finish. You shouldn’t have to call on several contractors to manage every aspect of the restoration. Rely on OnSite Solutions to fix everything you need done, from mitigation to restoration.

    • Fire and smoke: Soot, odors, heat damage.
    • Water: Burst pipe, backed-up sewer, flooded rooms, or mold.
    • Wind: Lost shingles, a hole in the roof, other roof damage.
    • Theft: Broken or damaged windows, doors, and property.
    • Vandalism: Graffiti, broken windows, or other defacement of property.

    Why You Need an Insurance Restoration Specialist

    Our professional insurance restoration specialists help you navigate the insurance claims management process which, if left to contend with on your own at this time of high stress, can be confusing and frustrating.

    OnSite Solutions helps you:

    • Understand your insurance coverage
    • Manage the insurance claim filing process
    • Understand how insurance companies pay for repairs
    • Coordinate with an insurance adjuster
    • Get the most from your insurance coverage
    • Contain restoration costs by saving as much of the original structure and contents as possible to mitigate loss

    We Provide Direct Insurance Billing and Interpret Your Insurance Policy

    You buy property insurance and homeowners insurance policies to protect your home from natural and manmade disasters. But does your insurance policy cover the exact type of damage you are dealing with? Will your insurance company make you struggle to get adequate coverage to afford restorations and repairs?

    Make sure you work with the right company to get the repairs you need. OnSite Solutions reviews your insurance policy to ensure that your coverage applies to the restoration and repair services we offer. We coordinate with your insurance company to manage your insurance restoration claim from start to finish and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

    Questions to ask your insurance restoration claim expert:

    • How bad is the damage?
    • Will my insurance company cover the entire restoration?
    • What won’t my insurance company cover?
    • Can you fix this for me?
    • How does the insurance restoration process work?

    Choose OnSite Solutions for Immediate Insurance Restoration

    OnSite Solutions wants to help you right away – and help you get back to normal as soon as possible. Our reliable, around-the-clock restoration services allow us to provide the relief you need at a time of great trauma and destruction.

    We are on your side, and deal with the insurance company so you don’t have to. Allow us to coordinate the details so you can your life and property on track quickly. Contact us right now for immediate assistance.