Commercial Construction

OnSite Solutions Provides Superior Commercial Construction Services

Commerical Construction Services Livonia MI | OnSite Solutions - officeSimply put, we are commercial construction contractors who specialize in the construction and renovation of commercial properties across the southeast, MI area.

With over 10 years of experience, we understand the hurdles construction companies have to jump through when it comes to commercial businesses. Our full-service contractors work diligently to make sure we stay on task and on budget for all of our clients.

If Your Space Needs Updating with Remodeled Layouts, OnSite is Your Solution

We work with you to design and build a workspace that you and your employees will enjoy being in every day. With your direction, our commercial contractors get to work to create a comfortable space that has an appropriate flow to it to maximize production while still remaining stylish and functional. We work on any size buildings, from small retail stores to large commercial buildings, and everything in between. If you’re looking for something brand new and want to design a space that isn’t confined by an already standing building, we can construct a new building for you centered around your business' needs. 

Concrete Flatwork from Licensed Commercial Contractors

Concrete is a durable, long-lasting solution to all of your flooring or foundational needs. It’s resilience to the ground shifting or erosion make it a preferred choice when looking for new flat pathways. At OnSite Solutions, we are experts with concrete flatwork, providing superior service to all of our customers looking for new patios, parking lots, or driveways. We will work quickly in order to disrupt your workflow as little as possible. Sometimes, we are even able to work on weekends and after hours to help with traffic control for your business.

Excavation Services for Commercial Businesses

Commerical Construction Services Livonia MI | OnSite Solutions - excavateTo begin constructing a new commercial building, we first must clear and level the ground to make way for the construction. Rather than having to hire a separate excavating company, OnSite Solutions is trained to provide excavating services to make the process of building your new commercial space easier and quicker. After the lot has been cleared and graded, we can use our flatwork skills to construct your foundation and begin building as quickly as possible.

If you’re looking for experienced commercial contractors to construct or renovate your commercial space, OnSite Solutions is here to help you. Call us today at (877) 726-2738 for more information about all of our commercial construction services.