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How Successful Property Preservation Services Can Help

September 14 2017 Preservation services are vital in the real estate industry. In most cases, financial institutions are the principal users of the preservation services. The institutions use these services on properties that are involved in foreclosure. Below are the various tips that can be employed for successful property services. Debris Removal and Cleaning ServicesOnce the foreclosure … Read more

When To Hire Toxic Waste Removal Services

November 10 2017 Toxic waste requires a different type of disposal service. Toxic waste which can potentially poison the ground and water table has to be properly disposed of rather than going to the landfill or recycling center like most trash produced in an office or production facility can be disposed of. Therefore, it is important to … Read more

Detroit Businesses Get Help from OnSite Solutions to Board Up Their Property

Our crews are here to help businesses and homeowners get the help they need with their construction projects. With the recent demonstrations in Detroit, MI and other major cities around the U.S., businesses need protection. We have helped businesses such as H&M, Madewell, and the Nike Community Store board up their glass windowfronts to protect themselves. … Read more

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