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    EPA-Certified Environmental Services: Lead Abatement, Mold Remediation, Asbestos Removal & Hazardous Material Cleanup in the Livonia, MI Area

    envrironmental services

    Our team follows all state and federal guidelines for the testing, removal, sanitation, and disposal of hazardous materials.

    You may be breathing carcinogens and dangerous gasses and not even know it! Chemicals and products that were commonly used in construction in the past – such as lead and asbestos – are now causing serious health problems in people around the world. Don’t take any chances! Through our environmental services, our team will provide thorough testing and abatement services to ensure that your property and its inhabitants are safe from dangerous pollutants.

    Lead Abatement

    While previously used in large amounts in a number of household materials, particularly paint, lead is now considered toxic by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Lead exposure can cause a number of health problems and is particularly harmful to children. Our environmental cleanup team is certified by the EPA to test for lead levels in homes and businesses throughout the entire Metro Detroit area. If the lead levels on your property exceed the limits set by the EPA, we are qualified to take the steps necessary to safely remove the lead, a process called lead abatement.

    Don’t put your family, employees, or customers at risk by failing to get a qualified lead assessment at your property! Call OnSite Solutions today to schedule your lead inspection and abatement.

    environmental services
    environmental services

    Asbestos Assessment and Abatement

    When demolishing or renovating an older building, it is not uncommon to discover a previously unknown asbestos problem. Although it was formerly used commonly as an insulation material in both residential homes and commercial properties, asbestos was later discovered to cause a host of health problems. It is now a legal requirement to treat asbestos as a hazardous material and ensure that any building inhabitants are not at risk.

    Our certified lead assessment and abatement team can provide a thorough inspection of your property to locate any and all asbestos-based materials. We can then safely remove the materials and ensure that your property is adhering to legal standards for safety.

    Mold Assessment and Remediation

    One common problem homeowners encounter is excessive mold growth within the walls or attic of their home. This dangerous mold is not only a sign of excessive moisture that can rot the wooden structure of your home, but it also releases cancer-causing spores. Using moisture meters, infrared technology, and other advanced equipment, the team at OnSite solutions can locate mold in your home and identify the extent of the problem.

    If the problem requires mold removal, we will secure the affected area, extract the mold, dry the area, and repair the problem that leads to the high moisture levels. We can then dispose of the mold, disinfect the area and clean your property’s indoor air supply through air duct cleaning and HEPA filtration products.

    Meth Lab Cleanup

    Any property that has been declared to be a meth lab (or former meth lab) by a local authority must be cleaned following strict guidelines to ensure the safety of any of its current of future occupants. The manufacturing of meth utilizes toxic, dangerous chemicals that must be deal with using highly controlled methods of disposal, sanitation, and decontamination. The team at OnSite Solutions has the tools, knowledge, and certifications required to restore any property that housed a meth lab back to a safe and inhabitable condition that meets all legal requirements.

    What are you waiting for! Call us anytime to speak to a live operator and schedule a property assessment to determine the extent of contamination and create a cost-effective solution for securing your property, protecting your health and avoiding code violations.