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Board-Up Services

Emergency Services are Available 24/7

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    Extreme weather, vandalism, and unexpected disasters can leave your home or business susceptible to theft and further damage. Get the coverage you need immediately and prevent additional catastrophes with emergency board-up services from VersaPro, serving the Metro Detroit area. Contact us day or night and our fast-acting team will be there when you need us to protect your property and possessions. And when you’re ready, we’ll be ready to make the repairs you need to get life back to normal.

    versapro board-up services
    versapro board-up services

    Types of Board-Up Services

    It is essential to protect your property ASAP after any type of damage. Our 24-hour rapid response team will take quick action to board up and secure openings and minimize any further damage to your home or business.

    • Window board-up: A knocked-out window or severely cracked or damaged window is an invitation to thieves and vandals. In an emergency window board-up, the damaged or destroyed glass will be removed, cleaned up, and replaced with secure boards that block out damage, weather, debris, and the views of curious passersby.
    • Door board-up: It is critical to protect your property immediately after any type of damage, whether the cause is vandalism, storm, fire, or otherwise. A broken-down, knocked-down, or compromised door will be boarded up to ensure complete safety and security.
    • Change locks: If one area of your home or business has been breached or compromised, we can immediately change the locks on all other doors and windows so you feel safe.
    • Repair: You may have to wait for insurance purposes before long-lasting repairs can be made to your property, but when you are ready we offer commercial construction and residential remodeling services to get the glass back in place, doors back on hinges, and your property back to normal.

    If there was a break-in, or vandalism, or your home or business was a casualty of a riot or demonstration, you are dealing with a compromised structure that needs to be boarded up. If you suffered a plumbing leak, fallen tree, or weather damage that demolished windows and doors and poses a risk to your safety, you need emergency board-up services.

    For interested customers, the VersaPros board-up services are now available using painted boards to help minimize any visual distraction to your property.

    The VersaPro Board-Up Process

    Here is what you can expect from a VersaPro trained technician and our 24/7 emergency board-up response:

    • Inspection: Once our pro arrives on site, he or she will immediately assess the damaged areas.
    • Documentation: The technician will take digital photos of all damage and complete other relevant documentation.
    • Protective measures: Quick action will be taken to properly board up and secure all openings and compromised areas as needed.
    • Clean-up: The damage and debris around the affected areas will be cleaned up.
    • Additional support: If additional support or mitigation services are needed, VersaPro can help.
    versapro board-ups

    Additional Services

    If your damage extends beyond doors and windows and you need board-up services above, below, and around the perimeter of your property, ask us about:

    • Temporary roof cover and shoring: Prevents water infiltration and minimizes further damage with a temporary roof cover and, if needed, shoring to provide structural support and prevent roof collapse.
    • Temporary fencing: Restricts access, minimizes further damage and liability, and prevents accidental injury with temporary fencing that contains affected areas until repairs are completed.
    • Temporary power and generators: Delivers emergency temporary power if your regular utility service has been knocked out after a storm or other disaster, so you have critical relief and can have heat or AC, lighting, refrigeration, and safety.

    Contact VersaPro for Emergency Board-Up Services

    VersaPro is the fastest response in the Metro Detroit area for emergency services. Our team is on-call 24/7 and can respond to your emergency board-up need within one hour.

    Get fast, affordable, thorough, and reliable emergency board-up solutions for your property. Contact us at any hour to speak to a live operator and have a team member dispatched to your location for immediate service in the Metro Detroit area.

    versapro board-ups

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