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Bathroom Remodeling

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    Bathroom remodeling is always a smart choice. Whether your home is older and needs some upgrades, or whether it’s a cookie-cutter model that needs some character, investing in new bathrooms is always a smart choice financially and functionally. At VersaPro, an experienced residential construction company in Southeast Michigan, we create customized bathroom remodeling plans to transform powder rooms, master baths, hall baths, and more.

    versapro bathroom renovation
    versapro bathroom renovation

    Create a Customized Bathroom Remodeling Plan

    Bathrooms are busy rooms, and even if you have more than one working bathroom in your home, your remodeling crew does not want to inconvenience you or your family during the project. If renovations need to be made in stages, they can be. Either way, the work will always be done efficiently, meticulously, and according to your carefully customized construction plan.

    Bathroom remodeling upgrades can include a comprehensive list of changes, or just a few big-ticket items. Here are some of the elements that make a major difference:

    • Replace the bathtub or shower
    • Convert tubs to showers or showers to tubs
    • Replace sink(s)
    • Change floor tile
    • Install panel-style shower enclosures
    • Add wall tile
    • Add limited mobility elements
    • Install heated floor panels
    • Install cabinetry and storage options
    • Create a modern wet bath
    • Install high-efficiency toilets
    • Add ventilation fans

    At VersaPro, we design every project in 3D so homeowners can see how their space will look at each step – and visualize the final product before the first bit of construction begins. If you can envision it, we can design it. Then it’s just up to your budget, comfort level, and timeframe.

    Materials for Bathroom Remodeling

    Bathrooms are exposed to moisture, heat, and humidity every day. The walls, flooring, fixtures, and more that you have in this space must be water-resistant so they will not tarnish, peel, or show other signs of wear because of changes in atmosphere or temperature. When you work with an experienced bathroom remodeling company like VersaPro, we only recommend materials that are appropriate for the space in question. Bathrooms do best with:

    • Porcelain tile
    • Glass
    • Luxury vinyl tile
    • Waterproofing materials
    • Safe lighting

    Everything you want for your bathroom can almost always be had. There is no need to sacrifice your aesthetic or personal style to get a practical, long-lasting bathroom renovation. Colors, patterns, and even grout can give you the look you want while satisfying the demands for a safe, hygienic bathroom. Your contractor will let you know what is possible and where there are limits, but even these necessities will not interfere with the upgrade you want or the style you are eager to show off.

    versapro bathroom renovation
    versapro bathroom renovation

    Bathroom Remodeling for Resale

    If the bathroom remodel you’re planning is intended to make your house more attractive to potential buyers, explain this to your contractor. It will be easier to select elements and keep to a particular budget without sacrificing any excellent amenities for the next person who will live in your home.

    Bathroom remodeling is always a smart investment before selling for many reasons but especially for the following points:

    • Increase resale value
    • Depersonalize the space
    • Create a livable environment
    • Deliver an easily personalized space
    • Increase sophistication
    • Energy-saving options
    • Eco-friendly materials
    • Corrosion-resistant metal

    Every buyer has different goals – and your upgraded bathroom may just be the thing they’re looking for in their new space.

    Get 3D Bathroom Remodeling Design in Michigan

    VersaPro serves Detroit, Livonia, and other neighboring areas in Southeast Michigan, creating one-of-a-kind bathroom remodeling projects from start to finish. Whether your job is small or a complete overhaul, it is our pleasure to bring your vision to life, first through 3D imaging and then in real-time.

    Contact us today to discuss your plan, schedule a time for an estimate, and get started on a bathroom upgrade.


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