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Vandalism Emergency Services


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    Your business or home may not have been broken into, and you may not have had any belongings, merchandise, or proprietary information stolen, but vandalism is a threat that something bigger could happen. If your home or business has been altered by graffiti, broken windows, or any other defacement of property, contact VersaPro for immediate assistance. We are Metro Detroit’s fastest response team, available 24/7.

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    Emergency Services After Vandalism

    Vandalism is a sign that someone has targeted your property, whether randomly or on purpose, and it can make you, your family, employees, or patrons feel unsafe. A vandalized property screams of compromise, and other enterprising vandals or thieves may attempt to further deface or gain entry to your space.

    Getting the vandalism addressed immediately is paramount to restoring a feeling of safety and security and preventing additional damage. Here are some of the emergency services you can expect from the VersaPro 24-hour rapid response team:

    • Board up windows: Whether your windows were shattered completely or suffered only a small crack or break, the glass will be cleaned up and the hole will be boarded over. Painted boards are available to minimize visual distractions.
    • Remove graffiti: Depending on the surface that was graffitied, it may be possible to paint over the damage or it may be necessary to board over the affected areas until more thorough removal can be initiated.
    • Change locks: Even if your premises were not breached, the vandalism is enough to make you nervous and a change of locks is completely sensible. Changing the locks on your doors and windows will make you feel more secure.

    Our 24-hour rapid response team is reliable and thorough and will work quickly to secure your premises, minimize any chances of additional attacks, prevent secondary damage from weather conditions, and ward off the attention of curious passersby.

    The VersaPro Emergency Process for Vandalism

    Our team is available at all hours of the day and night so you can get help when you need it. The first person you will speak to at VersaPro is an emergency response operator. They will dispatch a trained VersaPro technician to your location to review the damage and begin remediation through the following process:

    • Assess: Inspect damaged areas.
    • Document: Take digital photos of damage and complete other relevant documentation.
    • Act: Openings and damaged areas are secured or boarded up. Other protective measures are taken as needed.
    • Clean: Damage and debris in the treated areas are cleaned up.

    These temporary repairs are designed to safeguard your property while you wait for insurance and legal matters to be sorted. When you are ready, VersaProwill be available to make the permanent repairs your property needs through our commercial construction and residential remodeling services. This can include everything from painting to siding to installing additional lighting to deter vandals.

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    Contact VersaPro 24/7 for Vandalism Emergency Services

    Your biggest question after an attack of vandalism will be, “Why?” and that is enough to keep your mind busy for quite a while. VersaPro is prepared to do the heavy lifting and put your property back in working order quickly, so you don’t have to worry about the physical condition of your property and can feel safe again.

    Contact VersaPros at any time and a member of our fast-acting team will be there right away to safeguard your property and possessions. From emergency board-up services to temporary repairs to other safeguards, we are the response team you can rely on, day or night in Michigan. We will help you make it clear to any other would-be vandals that your property is protected.

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