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Fire Damage Restoration

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    When your home or business suffers fire damage, you need immediate restoration assistance to address not only heat damage, soot, and odors, but any water damage caused by fire department intervention. VersaPro offers around-the-clock service. Our efficient, experienced team will mitigate the situation, prevent more damage from occurring, and make necessary repairs.

    Fire Damage Emergencies

    Fire is powerful and can be catastrophic to your property and possessions. At VersaPro, we understand the stress and fear you have experienced. Whether the fire was small or large, whether the damage was minimal or all-encompassing, our fire damage restoration professionals are prepared to manage everything that the fire left behind, including:

    • Fire damage
    • Smoke damage
    • Soot damage
    • Odors
    • Water damage
    • Cleaning
    • Repairs

    Get Fire Damage Restoration Right Now

    Fire, once doused, leaves plenty of chaos in its wake. One of the most pervasive fire problems is the odor of smoke and soot, especially in upholstery, drywall, and carpet. Deep cleaning is necessary to truly remove the remnants of the fire and restore your home to pre-fire condition, so it is once again livable and safe.

    The devastation caused to your property by fire will require several steps to clean and correct all the damage. Damage restoration begins by contacting VersaPro to discuss your circumstances and have a restoration professional dispatched to your property for assessment and mitigation.

    The VersaPro Damage Restoration Process

    Expect a fast, effective, 24/7 response from VersaPro when it comes to fire damage, water damage, and restoration so your home can be restored and become safe and livable once again.:

    • Inspection and assessment: Our pro will inspect and assess the extent of the fire and water damage and formulate a plan of action.
    • Protective measures: Missing walls, windows, and roofing will be immediately boarded up and tarped as needed to protect against further damage and keep the area secure.
    • Water extraction: If water damage is present, the water extraction process will get underway immediately, including the use of dehumidifiers and air movers to prohibit the growth of mold.
    • Smoke and soot removal: Smoke and soot are removed from walls, ceilings, and other surfaces using specialized equipment.
    • Sanitization: The cleaning and sanitization process involves the restoration of as many structures and items as possible to pre-fire condition, including odor removal.
    • Restoration: Fire damage restoration can involve major reconstruction of rooms and areas or small sections of repair.

    Repairs After Fire Damage

    There is no avoiding the fact that fire inevitably leaves damage behind. Stucture restoration is necessary, but the level of repair required will vary depending on the size of the fire, the area affected, and the amount and force of water damage that resulted from firefighting efforts to put out the blaze.

    VersaPros is prepared to perform all the repairs needed to restore your home to pre-fire condition, including:

    • Structural remodels
    • Drywall removal and installation
    • Carpet repair and installation
    • Tile or hardwood flooring repair
    • Painting
    • Mechanical and electrical repairs
    • Finished carpentry

    Choose VersaPro for Fast Restoration

    Though fire stops life in its tracks, we want your home to be livable again, and your business to be usable again, as soon as possible.VersaPro is prepared to help you through this trauma, to manage your property damage, and work with the insurance company on your behalf.

    Rely on VersaPro for immediate assistance, any time of day or night. Contact us for help and support throughout Southeast Michigan.

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