When Should You Clean Your Chimney and/or Fireplace?

October 23 2015

Since we’ll be feeling the chill of winter soon, having a warm fireplace makes all the difference. Though fireplaces are a great way to warm our chilly homes, there is some maintenance required to keep them running the way we need.

Why should I clean my chimney and fireplace?

1. Prevent chimney fires. When you burn wood, it creates a chemical substance called creosote that latches on to the chimney flue and can cause a fire.

2. Not cleaning soot and any other blockages like debris or animal nests will cause damage to your whole system. Repair costs can be quite expensive.

When should I clean my chimney and fireplace?

1. First, you should get your chimney inspected every year to make sure its performance is top-notch. Chimney inspectors can then let you know if your chimney should be cleaned.

2. Call your chimney sweep in the summer or early fall so you’ll be ready when winter comes.

How often should I clean my chimney and fireplace?

1. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) states that a cleaning is due when there is 1/8″ of buildup inside the chimney, especially if its creosote.

2. If you don’t use your chimney all that much, you should have it cleaned and inspected yearly to get rid of any animal nests or debris that may have caused blockage.

3. The yearly inspection is a great indicator of how often your chimney should be cleaned.

4. Fireplaces should be swept of ash when creating fires are proving too difficult. Simply sweep away the cooled ash in a garbage bag and dispose.

Fireplaces and chimneys are nice to have in the cold months so make sure you’re thinking about them even in the warmer months!