How often should you inspect the caulking around your home?

January 20 2017
Caulking is used to seal two materials together inside and outside of your home. Caulking is usually made from various chemicals and is oil- or petroleum-based and can be injected with a tube. Caulking closes gaps and acts as a filler for structures in order to keep moisture, air, weather, and insects out. Caulking is typically waterproof and is used on structures such as vents, chimneys, showers and tubs, siding, roofs, and more.

When and where should I inspect caulking?

You should inspect the caulking around your home at least once every five years, and after the first year of living in your home. Check your caulking for chips, stains, cracks or tears, mildew, and leaks. You can replace caulking on your own, but should call a professional if needed. It’s important to check both the inside and outside of your home.

How do I replace caulking?

If you find an area that needs to be replaced, you should first remove the caulking that is currently there, clean the area, and apply a new layer of caulking. Having caulking that is intact will help you save on energy bills and keep your house clear of drafts and moisture.